Pizza Platter

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Extra cheese, please – and hold those vegetables! Or, have it both ways with cheese goodness on one half, and veggies on the other.

With this pizza play set, kids can practice making their favorite meal any way they like it! Stick to the Pepperoni classic, or throw on some mushrooms to make for an extra delicious pizza.

Count the slices and name the ingredients as you go. From the pizza cutter to the toppings is sure to help you throw the best pizza party ever.


Material: Quality natural wood with EN-71 certified paint coating

Age: This product is suitable for 3 years and above

Dimension: 21.5 x 21.5 x 5.2cm


Please note that item is bulky and will arrive with some dents in the packaging due to movements during shipping. No exchange allowed due to packaging issues. Only defect product is allowed for exchange. Contact us before coming to exchange.