About Us

Not A Candy Store, your number one source for all things baby and kids. We're dedicated to bringing you the very best food for babies and toddlers, with a focus on it being natural, healthy and Halal.

As mothers ourselves, we recognise the special need and demand for baby and kids products. As new generation parents, we prefer carefully curated products that are tried, tested and recommended by other parents.

At Not A Candy Store, we aim to bring convenience to parents in at least these 3 ways;
1. Less time spent doing chores such as cooking, so that more time can be spent bonding with the kids
2. Minimal fuss cooking healthy for little ones
3. More enjoyable time when going out because less worrying about what the little one will eat

    The products we bring in are usually made with natural ingredients and contain low (or zero) salt/sugar. We know how important it is to start our children on healthy eating habits as a lifestyle.

    Our products are curated by us, and backed by positive testimonials from other Mummies and Daddies, so you don’t have to look anywhere and everywhere else. Not A Candy Store should be the staple store for every modern parent.