Black sole/Brown strap Capal

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ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL AND CANNOT BE EXCHANGED. You are encouraged to bring your child to our warehouse to try out the sizes. Thank you.

Sizes available:

Size 1 - 12cm
Size 2 - 13cm
Size 3 - 14cm
Size 4 - 15cm
(with back strap)

Size 5 - 16cm
Size 6 - 17cm
Size 7 - 18cm
Size 8 - 19cm
Size 9 - 20cm
(no back strap)

Comes in a hard box for storage and protection during delivery.

Handmade with quality and long lasting materials.

Sizes 1 to 5 comes with a flexible back strap for babies and toddlers so that shoe does not easily come off.

Choose from a variety of colour combination to suit your children's outfits!