Buckwheat Hull refill only (50g/pack)

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Buy this if you wish to get just the buckwheat hull refill.

Buckwheat hulls are packed in a clear plastic bag of 50g per quantity.

Eg. Choose quantity 3 if you wish to purchase 150g of buckwheat hulls.

All our buckwheat pillows are filled with about 200-250g of buckwheat hulls which fill about 3/4 of the buckwheat pillow as that is the most preferred weight and mass as feedback by our customers. However, you may choose to fill it fuller according to your preference by adding this product listing to your purchase.

If you have our newer version of buckwheat pillows, you can easily add the buckwheat hulls into your pillow through the zipper opening. However, if you have our older version of buckwheat pillows, you will have to unpick the end that was sewn closed, add the buckwheat hulls then re-sew the opening close. We can also help you to unpick, add and re-sew for you. Please contact us at notacandystore@gmail.com to arrange for you to send the pillows to us and collection once done. Thank you.