BYMOMMADEE Nursing Aid 10ml

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I am a breastfeeding mom myself and I understand how stress and health can affect the breastmilk supply. Hence why I created ByMD Nursing Aid to support myself and all breastfeeding mothers. This can help to unclog milk ducts too! Try to apply as regularly as possible for optimum results. 

When to use

You can start using right after birth.

Combine it with:

  • Calming to boost relaxation which can help to increase supply
  • Stress Relief to relief muscle aches on shoulders and back from awkward nursing position

The above comes in roll-on too for easy on-the-go application. 

How to use
  • Massage over breasts, spine and shoulder before and after feeding. Avoid contact with nipples.
  • For cracked or sore nipples, apply gently on the affected area 1-2 hours before feeding time. Air them, and wipe clean before nursing baby.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, High-Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils

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