EATALIAN EXPRESS Cheezy Crazy Pasta Sauce 80g (7M+)

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New to the Eatalian Express family - Little Nuur pasta sauces pair perfectly with Eatalian Express vege pastas.

The sauces are suitable for babies 7 month old onwards and are ready-to-eat - absolutely no cooking required!

  • 100% natural
  • No added MSG
  • No preservatives
  • Muslim product
  • Travel friendly
Only the best and safest ingredients for the young tummy.
Little Nuur Cheezy Crazy pasta sauce is made with only 3 ingredients!
1️⃣ Cheese blend - a mixture of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan.
These cheeses comes natural as they are, without any MSG, colouring and preservative.
2️⃣ Milk powder - to add creaminess.
3️⃣ Filtered water - to blend well everything together.

80g per sauce pack.
Serves 2 baby servings.