HARUPLATE Sweet and Sour Sauce 100g (9M+)

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Make your meal times fun times with the first ever Sweet & Sour Sauce that is made from only whole natural fruit and veggies.

 A plant-based and yummy source of zinc and iron to support your LO’s natural defences. 

Sweet, tangy, and perfect for the whole family, especially little tummies 9m to 12years.

    How To Use

    • Made into a yummy veggie burger
    • Add sauce onto pan-fried juicy fish
    • Turn it into a dessert like some mini fruit tarts

    Unlike its classic inspiration, HaruPlate’s Sweet & Sour Sauce is packed with vibrant fruit like mango, passionfruit, and tomatoes. This jar of wonderfully tangy goodness makes friends best when stir-fried with yummy proteins like fish and chicken, but it’s no stranger to veggies and fruits as well. 

    Net weight: 100g = 10 servings

    Ingredients: Mangoes, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Passionfruit, Pumpkin Seeds, Asam, Red Onion, Flax Seeds, Paprika, Cinnamon.

    *No juice concentrate, no refined sugar and no artificial preservatives

    *Dietary Specs

    • No tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, fish, wheat, dairy, soy, or egg
    • No added salt
    • No artificial preservatives or food additives
    • Shelf-Life: 18 months
    • Store unopened in the fridge, cabinet, or a cool dry place
    • Once opened, store in fridge (drizzle a little olive oil on top) and finish within 14 days or immediately freeze into smaller servings