LBG Step 4: Nutri-Colour 750g (12M+)

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Premium natural white rice, organic millet and premium natural red rice suitable for babies from 12 months onwards. Rich in texture and fibre, this three-grain combination is naturally aromatic and sweet, with a slight nutty flavour. Similar to Junior Nutri-Colour, this blend contains a mixture of 3 grains. However, Nutri-Colour contains more red rice, thus enhancing both the flavour and the fibre in this blend! Very soft and easy to cook, cooking on a stovetop takes about 15 minutes.

Weight: 750g, 30 servings
Usage Instructions: Store in fridge. Mix well and wash thoroughly before cooking.
Ingredients (Origin): Natural white rice (Malaysia), organic millet (PRC), natural red rice (Malaysia)

*It is recommended to shake the contents in the bag once opened so as to mix all the different grains together evenly. 
**Scoop is not included. According to the recipe on the flipside of the label, 1 scoop is about 1/4 cup.