LOVE EARTH Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 60ml (6M+)

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100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (extracted from coconut meat). Can be used on skin, cooking and direct consumption.
Ingredients: 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Oil will solidify at temperatures below 25 degrees celcius.
Net Weight: 60ml

Glass bottle (fragile)
  • Helps absorption of Vitamins & Magnesium, fight against bacteria, inflammation

  • Can be taken as a daily health supplement, and can be used as a skin and hair care product

  • Can be used as babies lotion, quick absorption no oily/greasy feeling

  • Can be fed to your baby (recommended only when baby starts taking solid food, start with a very small amount).



  • Australia NASAA Organic Certified, JAKIM Halal Certified
  • Great protective barrier on baby's skin

  • Fights against bacteria and inflammation

  • Great for baby massage & parent-baby bonding

  • 100% pure and easy to absorb by skin

  • Melt oil if it solidifies by putting the bottle under the sun, or soaking bottle in warm water