MFM Anchovy Fritters Instant Flour Mix 200g (7M+)

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Whip up a healthier version of Anchovy Fritters for your babies with this Instant Flour Mix specially for babies from 7 months old! NO salt NO preservatives involved!

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Onion, Blue-eyed Anchovy Powder

Net. Weight: 200g

Recommended for 7 months old and above.



1. Stir 100g Instant Flour Mix with about 115ml water (bit by bit) until batter is thick
2. Add freshly chopped spring onions for a more flavourful taste (optional)
3. Fry in vegetable/olive oil until golden brown and drip dry on a mesh bowl
4. You can also air fry without oil by scooping into small muffin paper cups or bake in oven
5. Serve when temperature is cooled down