MONESCO Boromon Cookies - Tutti Frutti Flavour 120g/6 x 20g (12M+)

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Monesco Boromon is gluten free, and has soft texture, so the cookies will melt in the mouth, and it's easily digestible.

The spherical shapes of the cookies are ideal to help children develop their fine motor skills.

Good to know:

  • This is baked. Monesco Boromon has a great taste that baby loves.
  • Mom will appreciate that Monesco Boromon has a meltable texture and is easy to chew and swallow.

Specially made for your child

Monesco Boromon is designed for the developmental and nutritional needs of crawlers to toddlers 12 months and above.

Ingredients: Potato Starch (65.66%), Sugar (18%), Fresh Egg (10%), Glucose Syrup (2%), Milk Powder (3%), Maltodextrin (1.2%), Flavour Orange (0.04%), Flavour Lemon (0.02%), Flavour Strawberry (0.02%), Flavour Honeydew (0.01%), Flavour Milk (0.05%).

Net weight: 120g/6 x 20g

Keep in dry and cool place.