NATUFOODIES Green Peas Rice Sticks (12M+)

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Finger food made of green peas, white rice & brown rice. We simply bake it so tasty, light & crispy. Encourage your little ones enjoy eating while learning to pick up and self-feed.

  • No sugar added
  • Suitable for vegetarian
  • No preservative
  • No artificial colouring
  • No artificial flavouring
  • No salt added
  • Non-fried
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Self-feed skill
  • Pincer grasp skill
  • Halal

Net Weight: 35g (5 x 7g)

Ingredients: Calrose Rice, Brown Rice, Green Peas, Apple Juice Concentrate

Allergy advice: This product may contain traces of legumes and milk products

*Not to be given to infants below 6 months unless advised by a medical professional. Breastmilk/formula milk should still be given to infants until the age of 2 years for optimum health, aside from solid food.