PEACHY Cheesy Shark Biscuits 75g/5 x 15g (12M+)

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Peachy Cheesy Shark Biscuits are a healthy snacking option for your little ones. There's lots of real cheddar cheese in every biscuits, so every bite is high in calcium with a yummy cheese flavour. Mum and dads will also want to take a couple of bites!

This delicious snack is suitable for kids 12 months and above. Take care to supervise young children who are eating this product and ensure they are seated

Ingredients: Wheat flour(62%), Cheese powder (10%), Brown rice and quinoa buckwheat (9%), Rice bran oil (7%), Sugar (6%), Margarine (1%), Onion powder (1%), Seaweed calcium powder (1%), Iodized salt (0.6%)

Allergy Advice: Contains wheat flour, dairy and may contain soy products.

Net weight: 75g/5 x 15g