SUPER OLA Trial Pack (Bright + Immu-B+)

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This trial pack is good for testing out both our products for your child!

What you get in this bundle:
1 x Immu-B+ 

(60 tablets/bottle)
1 x Bright 

(60 tablets/bottle)
1 x My Super Suitcase
1 x Buku Jom Jaga Kebersihan
1 x Ola Oli Shopping Bag

Ingredients (Immu-B+): Flax seed powder, BACOPA monnieri extract, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin and Strawberry Juice Powder.

Ingredients (Bright): Malted chocolate powder, Cocoa powder, Skimmed milk powder, Isomalt, Multi-vitamin, Yeast beta-glucan, Colostrum, Elderberry Extract, Multiflora Honey powder, Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide, Permitted flavouring, Sucralose


  • Flaxseed Oli powder – contains 23.4% protein, 45.2% lipids and 3.5% mineral to promotes healthy bowel movement and improves digestion
  • BACOPA monnieri - contains powerful antioxidants to enhance memory, reduse anxiety, lower blood pressure and maintain it within healthy range.
  • Lutien & Zeaxanthin plant derived xanthophyll carotenoid usually found in green and yellow vegetables and beneficial to enhance eye health
  • Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidants to provide more antioxidants protection to the eyes.
  • Strawberry Juice Powder is high in antioxidants to help with blood sugar regulation, high in vitamin C, good amount of folate (vitamin B9) and potassium.

How to eat?
Take 2 chewable tablets daily. Chew or crush the tablet completely before swallowing.

Net weight: 36g (60 chewable tablets) x 2

Serving Suggestion:
Super Ola Immu-B+/Bright is recommended to be taken daily
Ages 2-7: 2 tablets
Ages 8 and above: 4 tablets
Chew completely before swallowing