"Tea Party” Washable Silicone Colouring Mat

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What you get in a set:

  • 1 x colouring mat
  • 1 x bag

Each mat measures approximately 40cm(L) x 30cm(B).

*If you need markers, you can get them here -> 

It's time for a tea party with DrawnBy: Reusable Silicone Colouring Mats and shouldn't we all have fun with our friends? There's a lot that goes on in the toy room and our teddy bears, golliwogs, bunny rabbits and dollies are all secretly playing on their own when they think no one is around! Imagine what they could be up to and recreate your most favourite afternoon snack time with your friends at home! With DrawnBy: designs, it never is a dull moment!

It's Play Time!

Our DrawnBy: designs are created to be engaging and enjoyable on a reusable surface and you most certainly can use them in more ways than one! Originally meant to be reusable dining table mats you can now immerse yourselves in a wonderful land of imagination! With the lovable and recognisable characters and icons on each Colouring Mat, you can create a story or adventure every time you colour! Use our DrawnBy: Markers to bring each story to life and make playtime something new every time.

Reusability is a Win

The durability of all our DrawnBy: Silicone Mats will ensure that you can enjoy the colouring mats for years to come! Every single time will be a new experience for you and it's so simple to care for them too! All you need to do to get them all cleaned is a simple wash under the tap and they are good to go all over again! Fold them or roll them into our drawstring pouches and you can bring them wherever you go for a little colouring therapy, any time of the day!