VJ Singlet Romper

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1 pack contains 3 Singlets

Give your best to the health and comfort of your beloved child.

Presenting Velvet Junior Basic Singlet, the professionally cut, and perfect fit baby clothing.

The best quality materials are used to make a singlet that is smooth, cool, absorbent and comfortable to wear.

The clean white color singlet will make your little one looks clean, healthy, fresh, and more attractive.

The advantages of Basic Wear Velvet Junior products:

  • The shape and cut are proportional.
  • Made of special soft and soft rib cotton.
  • Breathable and effectively absorb sweat.
  • Pure white color.
  • Stretchable and fit perfect to your body.
  • Velvet Junior is the first baby clothing product in Indonesia that has received international safety certification Standard 100 Class 1 by Oeko-Tex.

Guaranteed safe, because all materials are free from harmful chemicals for the growth and development of the little one.