VJ Basic Hat (Magical Adventures)

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1 Pack contains 3 Beanie/Hat

The BasicWear Velvet Junior sets are perfect for your little one to wear while relaxing at home, or on a very sunny day.

The fun colors and motifs of BasicWear add to the joy of the baby's days.

Comfortable and breathable, made from special cotton which is smooth, cool, and soft.

Newborn (NB): Age 0-3 Months


BasicWear Velvet Junior is one of the best-selling products that all mothers look for because it is always presented in exciting colors and motifs for your precious little one.

Comes in various functional clothing designs to suit your precious one's needs from New Born to 10 years old.

Made from special cotton which is cool, smooth, and comfortable making the BasicWear Velvet Junior products very suitable to accompany the baby's growth and development days.

The advantages of BasicWear Velvet Junior products:

  • Always comes with exciting colors and interesting motifs.
  • Made from special cotton which is cool, smooth, and absorbs sweat so it is comfortable for the baby.
  • Velvet Junior is the first baby clothing product in Indonesia that has received international safety certification Standard 100 Class 1 by Oeko-Tex.
  • Guaranteed safe, because all materials are free from harmful chemicals for the growth and development of the little one.