Yellow Dinosaur Buckwheat Pillow

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Buckwheat hull pillows have been used for centuries in Japan and many Asian countries. The hulls allow constant air circulation through the pillow, which keeps the baby cool and dry.

The hulls will gently mold around baby’s body shape and current body sleeping position, offering a sense of security while they have a comfortable and restful sleep.


Not A Candy Store offers a fresher alternative to the norm. All our buckwheat pillows and covers are handpicked, sewn and put together specially for our best little customers.


Dimensions: 45 x 15cm

Weight: Approximately 250g

Material: 100% Cotton

Buckwheat husk (filling)


What is included?

Set of pillow + cover: 1pc buckwheat husk pillow in plain white casing & 1pc printed pillow case

Pillow cover only: 1pc printed pillow case