YUMMY BITES Beberoll Cheese 40g/5g x 8pcs (9M+)

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  • There are 6 different flavours of Beberoll
  • The texture is suitable for babies from 9 months of age and up
  • Beberoll is made from 8 kinds of Korean grains.
  • Not fried, but Baked.
  • The shape is easy to grip, so it can train the motor development of the child.
  • High in Vitamin E and B1
  • Contains minerals : Calcium and Phosphorus
  • No preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors
  • Ingredients : 
    • 8 mixed grains (brown rice, white rice, corn, barley, glutinous rice, black bean, millet, black rice)(55%), palm oil, cheese powder (15%), skim milk powder, sugar, egg yolk powder, glucose, calcium carbonate, tocopherol (vitamin E), salt.
      Contains allergens, see list of ingredients in bold.